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Whistling Wind Ranch is located East of Kamloops, BC. We purchased the 80 acre property and house at the end of 2012. We knew we wanted to have an agricultural business and after some research decided on raising sheep. We narrowed it down to wanting to raise a shedding sheep. There were a few different breeds to look at to see which breed would do the best on how we wanted to raise our sheep and what our land could offer. We found the sheep most suitable to be the Dorper or Dorper crosses.

Our ranch is an off-grid ranch, meaning we rely on solar power and a generator for our power. It has been a learning curve but are figuring things out. Part of the issue is most things for agriculture rely on some power source and being off-grid we have to find alternate solutions or products. The winter is the most challenging in terms of water for the livestock and we are currently breaking ice a couple times a day.

If you are interested in learning more about Dorpers, please click the link for the "Dorpers into the new century" pdf

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